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Director: Ian Gamazon, Neill dela Llana
Scriptwriter: Ian Gamazon, Neill dela Llana
Cinematography: Neill dela Llana
Music: Ato Mariano
Distribution: Gorilla Films Production
Cast: Ian Gamazon, Dominique Gonzalez

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Director: Iam Gamazon and Neill dela Llana
Philippines | 2005 | DV | 80 Min. | OmeU

In the town of Cavite, Philippines, people will do just about anything to survive. This is the harsh reality for many Filipinos living in a poverty stricken nation. Adam, an American citizen visiting his home country for his father's funeral, soon realizes this when he arrives at the Philippines Airport and receives a phone call from an anonymous caller letting him know that his mother and sister have been kidnapped and will be killed if he doesn't comply with his demands. Helpless and alone in a country he barely knows he must submit himself to the fanatic's every wish or face the consequences. Soon Adam realizes that the caller on the other end is with the country's most infamous bandits, the Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim terrorist group fighting the Philippine government for Muslims to own the southern part of the country. Known for their kidnap and ransom and beheading of their victims if demands aren't met, he is at the caller's mercy. But when he finds out the caller's real motivation Adam finds himself in a dilemma to sacrifice the ones he loves or commit a horrendous act that will cost the lives of many.

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