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Cineasia Shorts:

Director: Hidenori Sugimori

Japan | 2003 | DV | 10 Min. | OmeU

This movie is a modern fable about a mysterious girl in black who forces the inner darkness out of a boy who is afraid of the color black .

(official synopsis)

Director: Wataru Furuta
Japan | 2004 | DV | 10 Min. | OmeU


It is a story of a family on a day waiting for a child's visit home from Tokyo.

Parents are shocked how their child has been poisoned by the city of Tokyo.

The day was supposed to be a heart warming day... however, an important confession changes the mood. Finally, the most shocking reality comes into a light. This confession needs some guts to face it. (official synopsis)

King of One Eye
Director: Kenji Tsujimura
Japan | 2004 | DV | 13 Min. | OmeU


'It's hard-boiled. Just simply hard-boiled'. Abe the beautiful beast killer is a man picky on his style. One shot. Yes. Just one dumdum bullet is enough. The work is perfect. But the afro-combed hit man, Simon, tries to take Abe's place. He had counterattacked Abe's style. Abe is in a fix! What will he do?! As always, the key to the story is a woman. The moment her right hand is ready, the '81 Corvette runs off to the end of the world. 'Oh, how jiggy it is to be jiggy'. (official synopsis)

Window Suzuki
Director: Tatsuya Kitamoto

Japan | 2001 | DV | 13 Min. | OmeU

Ordinary names, locked room, a bullet, Yamada, a man and a man. Police outside, where the fuck are bullets coming from? A body is lying there, Sato, Lucky Strike, sob, impulse, collapse, Japanese. Symbolism, who's got hatred? We can't get out of here, hierarchy, a cuckoo-clock, far beyond, pure misunderstanding, open it, gaze hatred, Window, SUZUKI. (official synopsis)


Director: Chuck Gutierrez

Philippines | 2005 | DV | 9 Min. | OmeU


People say that taking pictures is a talent. However for an unfortunate few, it is a curse. Portrait is a film that shows a story of a photographer in Luneta Park. He sees all the goodness in people and precious moments behind his camera. The problem is no one sees him like he sees everyone else . (official synopsis)


Regie: Lawrence Fajardo
Philippines | 2005 | DV | 21 Min. | OmeU

In order to live you have to eat. In order to eat you have to kill. Set in a chaotic market place, a vegetable vendor seeks vengeance against a meat vendor who is also the leader of a gang of butchers collecting bribes from other vendors in the market. (official synopsis)

Dai Bao!
Director: Yee Chang-kang

Singapore | 2005 | DV | 17 Min. | OmeU

Dai Bao! Steaming Hot Chinese Big Pork Buns! Everybody wants one! (official synopsis)


The Magical Washmachine
Director: Lee Yun-chan

Taiwan | 2004 | DV | 19 Min. | OmeU

This is a story about a girl who loves to watch wash machines spin in the middle of the night. One day, a fantastical wash machine appeared in the laundromat. The clothes placed inside it don't always come out clean; they become large, small, old or new, yielding or standing against one's wishes. (official synopsis)



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