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Director: Song Il-gon

Scriptwriter: Song Il-gon

Cinematography: Park Young-jun

Distribution: Jeonju International Film Festival
Cast: Lee Seung-bi, Jung Woong-in, Jang Hyun-sung, Kang Kyung-heun, Kim Hak-sun

Il-gon Song

selected filmography:

Magician(s) (2005)

Feathers in the Wind (2004)

Spider Forest (2004)
Flower Island (2001)

The Picnic (1999)


Director: Song Il-gon
Korea | 2005 | DV | 40 Min. | OmeU

"Members of an underground band, Magician, who disbanded after the death of a friend, are like magicians themselves, just like the name of their band. Through music, they spent their youth and experienced the world of magic. But now, they are just ordinary and lonely people who've lost their magical power. Just as we don't believe in a magical world. Today, they're gathered at a bar in Kangwondo remembering their friend's death, longing for the lost magic power, and silently wishing to gain back that magic power once again. We hope that this film will give such a subtle moment for the audience. Abracadabra...."

(Song Il-gon )

"Magician" is a name of a band. Guitarist Ja-eun (LEE Seung-bi) killed herself 3 years ago. Her boyfriend and the band's drummer Jae-sung (JUNG Woong-in) reminisces her every 31st of December. Jae-sung and their basist Myung-soo (JANG Hyun-sung) are awaiting for Ha-young (KANG Kyung-hyun), their vocalist at a desert forest in Kangwondo. It is snowing and is the last night of the December. And the time on their watch is quarter to midnight....

(official synopsis)


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