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Director: Toh Hai-leong

Scriptwriter: Toh Hai-leong

Cinematography: Jimmy Tai
Producer: Eric Khoo, Tan Fong-chen
Distribution: Zhao Wei Films
Cast: Lim Poh-huat, Toh Hai-leong

Zombie Dogs + Lim Poh-huat

Zombie Dogs

Director: Toh Hai-leong
Singapore | 2004 | DV | 60 Min. | English

A film that mixes fiction and documentary becomes a mockumentary - a fake documentation. ZOMBIE DOGS is one of this breed.
Toh Hai-leong plays himself as a fast talking director who is casting actors to play in his porno-murder-cannibal-film. The film portrays Singapore as a soulless materialistic society that is unable to express any sexual intimacy or closeness. Uttering crazy monologues in front of the camera while slurping on instant noodle soup Toh offers an alternative lifestyle, which is neither too tempting. While we are left puzzled whether this is a real documentary or not, it is highly amusing and pretty bizarre to follow the path of one crazy dreamer.

Lim Poh-huat
Director: Wong Lee
Singapore | 2004 | DV | 22 Min. | OmeU

Distribution: Compadrefilms | Wong Lee

"People with passion and ambitions leave legacies of life-stories and experiences after they pass on. As for the people who seem to have no clear goals or direction in life - are they just supporting-cast plebeians to be forgotten in the annals of existence? Who hears them? Who cares?
The film Lim Poh-huat is a diary of a simple man, and a celebration of simple-mindedness because you don't have to be in high places to make your life worthwhile."

(Wong Lee)

Supported by the Singapore Film Commission

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