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Director: Djinn

Scriptwriter: Djinn

Cinematography: Goh Meng Hing
Editor: Bin Li
Music: Marcello de Franscici

Sound: Kazz
Distribution: Ground Glass Images / Vacant Films
Cast: Lim Kay Tong, Liu Quilian, A. Paneeirchelvam, Sunny Pang, Ivy Cheng, Kevin Murphy

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selected filmography:

Perth (2004)

Return to Pontianak (2001)


Director: Djinn
Singapore | 2004 | 35mm | 105 Min. | OmeU

"PERTH is a personal journey toward a physical destination."


PERTH is the journey into the heart of Mr. Lee, a 51 year old part-time security guard and taxi driver. He belongs to a redundant generation, eclipsed by a fast paced elitist society that is mesmerized with education and status.

Harry desires to leave the antiseptic streets of Singapore for his "Paradise on Earth" in Western Australia. His attempt to migrate is complicated by him taking on a job ferrying prostitutes. This evokes painful memories of a scarred past. He begins to take an unhealthy interest in an abused Vietnamese prostitute, which awakens a dark and dangeous attempt at personal redemption.

(official synopsis)

Supported by the Singapore Film Commission

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