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Royston Tan

selected filmography:

4:30 (2005)
Careless Whisperer (2005)

Monkey Love (2005)

New York Girl (2005)
Cut (2004)

Blind (2004)

The Absentee (2004)

15 (2003)

48 on AIDS (2002)

Mother (2002)

Hock Hiap Leong (2001)

Sons (2000)
Jesses (1999)

Kisses (1998)


Director: Royston Tan
Singapore | 2004 | DV | 13 Min. | OmeU

A cheeky satire on censorship in Singapore, CUT follows a film buff
(Jonathan Lim) as he harasses a censor (Neo Swee Lin) from supermarket
to car park, where the film ends with an over-the-top musical number
complete with go-go boys and cameos by various luminaries in the local
arts scene.

Careless Whisperer


Director: Royston Tan

Singapore | 2005 | DV |12 Min. | OmeU

When you're in love, your heart sings. But whether you can is another matter. In this zany new work, we get to listen in on what Patrick, the Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of the George Michael hit, really hears in his head... and heart.




Director: Royston Tan

Singapore | 2000 | DV |10 Min. | OmeU

A sensitive and moving account of a man trying to rebuild his life after the passing of his father.

Hock Hiap Leong


Director: Royston Tan

Singapore | 2001 | DV | 7 Min. | OmeU


A boy’s reverie at his favorite kopitiam takes us back in time to the
swingin’ 60s, with a flamboyant musical number performed in platforms,
beehives and flares. Sentimental and celebratory, “Hock Hiap Leong”
memorializes the places and faces lost in the shadow of a city's


(official synopsis)

Supported by the Singapore Film Commission

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