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Director: John Foster
Scriptwriter: John Foster
Cinematography: Akihiro Matsuura
Music: Kentaro Nojima
Distribution: Kyoto Noir Films
Cast: Keishu Tsumagata, Manabu Inoue, Rakendra Moore, Hataro Jurokuhari, Kuniichi Takami

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Kyoto Nocturnes Part 1: Elegant Slaughter

Director: John Foster
Japan | 2005 | DV | 22 Min. | OmeU

KYOTO NOCTURNES is a series of interconnected stories that take place in Japan's ancient capital during the dark hours after midnight. They are night songs of beauty, betrayal, madness, and murder.

Boss Watanabe is clinging to his sanity and control of Kyoto's yakuza after Boss Aihara massacres most of his men in a sneak attack. Holed up in a dingy bar with Uchida, his lieutenant, Watanabe starts to see the mutilated ghosts of his dead soldiers. The specters blame him for their deaths, and they want revenge. Terrorized by both his inner demons and the threat that Aihara's thugs will find him at any minute, Watanabe has only one way out: he hires K, an alluring American hit woman, to assassinate Aihara. For the right price, K will kill anyone. Even her own client.

(official synopsis)

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