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Filmhaus Kino Köln
Maybachstr. 111
50670 Köln


Lübeckerstr. 15
50668 Köln

How to get there:
Train Station Hansaring:
6, 12, 15,
S6, S11, S12, S13, RB 25

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     Ticket: 6,50 Euro
     10 Tickets: 58,50 Euro

5 Years Cineasia! 5 Days Cinema!

From the 7 th to the 11 th of December the Cineasia Filmfestival celebrates its fifth anniversary. Whereas the last festival focused on Japanese films only this years program also includes films from Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and for the first time Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The line-up has been assembled to cover a diversity of short and feature films not only from different countries, but also different movie genres. In about 30 screenings, many German and European premieres, the latest Asian blockbuster is followed by the most bizarre independent production.


A good example of this diversity is: DIGITAL SHORTS BY THREE FILMMAKERS, a project from the Jeonju Internatial Film Festival, which invites every year 3 well-known East-Asian directors to shoot a 30 min. short. This year's contributions are from Shinya Tsukamoto, Song IL-GON (SPIDER FOREST) and Apichatpong Weerasethakul (TROPICAL MALADY). And the results should not been missed !

Traditionally a main emphasis of the Cineasia Filmfestival is on new Japanese cinema. Planned are about 13 films including: Takashi Miike's fantasy epic YOKAI DAISENSO, based on Yoshiyuki Kuroda's classic from the sixties, Seijun Suzuki's visually stunning musical PRINCESS RACCOON, staring Zhang Ziyi (HOUSE OF THE FLYING DAGGERS, 2046) and Shinji Aoyama's dark thriller LAKESIDE MURDER CASE.


In 2003 the works of Kelvin Tong (EATING AIR) offered our festival visitors a first glimpse into the lately flourishing cinema of Singapore. In 2005 we want to deepen this impression with a special on Royston Tan's shorts, his first feature 15, as well as Ong Lay-jinn's disturbing TAXI DRIVER paraphrase PERTH and Toh Hai-Long's mockumentary ZOMBIE DOGS.


Wisit Sasanatieng's surreal romantic comedy CITIZEN DOG is the Thai film of 2005. Having traveled to most major festivals, the film is finally arriving in Cologne.


The selected films from Malaysia are PRINCESS OF MOUNT LEDANG by Teong Hin- saw , a sumptuous epic, and the independent drama SEPET by Yasmin Ahmad.


The screening of JONI'S PROMISE by Joko Anwar offers the rare occasion to watch the debut by a very promising Indonesian filmmaker.


For the first time films from the Philippines can be seen at the Cineasia Filmfestival: Erik Matti's PA-SIYAM and Yam Laranas THE ECHO. Though both directors are dealing with the horror genre the results are very dissimilar. Yam Laranas is going to present his film THE ECHO personally to our audience.


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