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Director: Suk-bum Kang
Scriptwriter: Suk-bum Kang
Cinematography: Woo-jae Kim
Distribution: Showbox/ Mediaplex Inc.
Cast: Rae-won Kim, Hae-sook Kim, Ei-jae Hur

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Suk-bum Kang

selected filmography:
Mr Handy (2004)


Director: Suk-bum Kang
Korea | 2006 | 35mm | 117 Min. | OmeU | International Premiere


After dropping out of school, Taesik, starring KIM Rae-won, ruled the streets of his hometown. People call him crazy dog, since he loses it and becomes so violent when drunk. Now, he's out of jail on parole. Yangki and Changmu, once his henchmen, are nervous about his return. However, Taesik focuses on accomplishing things written on the memorandum such as going to a public school, eating walnut cookies, and getting his tattoo erased. The memorandum doesn't carry only the list of things that he hopes to do, but also three promises he made to himself while in jail. "I won't drink. I won't fight. I won't cry." ...


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