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Director: Yasmin Ahmad
Scriptwriter: Yasmin Ahmad
Cinematography: Keong Low
Distribution: : Lighthouse Pictures
Cast: Sharifah Amani Yahya, Adlin Aman Ramlie, Ida Nerina Hussein, Harith Iskander Musa, Adibah Noor, Alan Yun, Nam Ron

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Yasmin Ahmad

selected filmography:
Mukhsin (2006)

Sepet (2004)

Rabun (2003)


Director: Yasmin Ahmad
Malaysia | 2006 | 35mm | 115 Min. | OmeU

"Gubra" tells a story of love and forgiveness, its possibilities and the hopes it brings. Essentially there are two stories which parallel each other, the first is the continuation of Orked's (Sepet's protagonist) life while the second tells the story of a muezzin; Pak Bilal Li and his efforts to assist two prostitutes in finding redemption for themselves and their families.


Seven years after Jason/Ah Loong (Ng Choo Seong), Orked (Sharifah Amani Al-Yahya) is now married to a much older guy, Arif (Adlin Aman Ramlie). Everything seems ideal in their marriage at first glance; Arif loves Orked to bits and theirs seem like a match made in heaven...


Throughout the film we are also introduced to another 'family'. The muezzin or Pak Bilal (Shahili Abdan aka Namron) heads an institution of sorts; consisting of his wife, Kak Maz, their 7 year-old child, two prostitutes, Temah and Kiah (Juliana Ibrahim), as well as Temah's son, Shahrin and a mysterious gambler named Ki, played here by Khir Rahman...

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