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Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
Scriptwriter: Kyoko Inukai
Cinematography: Isao Ishii
Distribution: Uplink Co.
Cast: Chizuru Ikewaki, Noriko Nakagoshi, Yuko Nakamura, Toko Iwase

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Hitoshi Yazaki

selected filmography :

The Girl Who Picked Flowers And The Girl Who Kills Insects (2000)

March Comes In Like A Lion (1991)

Strawberry Shortcakes *

Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
Japan | 2006 | 35mm | 127 Min. | OmeU | German Premiere


Satoko - a telephone receptionist of a brothel got over lost love before two years. Now she lives strongly, dreaming of falling in love with someone and makes a wish to "God" of a stone.

The popular prostitute Akiyo (whom Satoko longs for) loves her former classmate - Kikuchi, but pretends to be "just" his friend...

A talented illustrator - Tohko repeats overeating and vomitting. Now she draws picture of "God" for a book cover.

An office worker - Chihiro living with Tokho holds an inferiority complex while longing for Tohko. To Chihiro "God" means boyfriend who buys her whatever she wants...

(official synopsis)

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