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Director: Tatsushi Omori
Scriptwriter: Yoshio Urasawa
Cinematography: Ryo Otsuka
Distribution: Arato Film Inc.
Cast: : Hirofumi Arai, Léona Hirota, Megumi Sawara, Renji Ishibashi, Kei Sato

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The Whispering of the Gods *

Director: Tatsushi Omori
Japan | 2005 | 35mm | 107 Min. | OmeU | Deutschlandpremiere

"'The Whispering of the Gods' I believe, is the most powerful Japanese film I have seen during 2005. Certainly, in it, director Omori Tatsushi makes the memorable debut."


Donald Richie/film critic

Rou has returned to the monastery he was raised in. As he listens to the whispering of the Gods through his germanium radio, Rou defies God in every which way and puts religion to the test.
Rou wanders through the story, encountering violence, distorted sex, and holiness, leaving the audience shocked and thought-provoked.
Based on the Akutagawa award-winning novel by Hanamura Mangetsu, the film is directed by Tatsushi Omori. Omori made his directorial debut with this film, after he worked as assistant director for directors such as Sakamoto Junji and Izutsu Kazuyuki.  

(official synopsis)

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