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Director: Joko Anwar
Scriptwriter: Joko Anwar
Cinematography: Ipung Rachmat Syaiful
Distribution: MD Pictures
Cast: Fachri Albar, Ario Bayu, Shanty, Fahrani

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selected filmography:

Joni’s Promise (2005)
Joni Be Brave (2003)

Dead Time

Director: Joko Anwar
Indonesia | 2007 | 35mm | 90 Min. | OmeU | German Premiere


An unnamed country is in turmoil, marred by natural disasters, corruption and lawlessness. Some people take justice into their own hands, while others yearn for the promised leader to arrive.
A cop named Eros is investigating a case of five men who are burnt to death in public after somebody screams “thief” at them. A journalist named Janus is also covering the story. Soon enough, the two are drawn into a maze of mysteries and murders.
Somewhere along the line, Janus discovers a secret, and everyone he tells it to finds tragic death. When Eros comes across the secret too, they realize that angel of death will go after one of them, unless they find the promised leader first.


(official synopsis)

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