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Director: Kabir Bhatia
Scriptwriter: Mira Mustaffa, Ara
Cinematography: Madnor Kassim
Distribution: Grand Brilliance
Cast: Rashidi Ishak,Rita Rudaini, Sharifah Amani, Eizlan Yusof,
Fasha Sandha, Dato´ Rahim Razali, Nanu Baharudin, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Pierre Andre, Que Haidar

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Director: Kabir Bhatia
Malaysia | 2006 | 35mm | 113 Min. | OmeU | European Premiere

10 Stars, 5 Love Stories, 1 Movie

With love as its universal theme, CINTA takes us through the lives of five couples who search, or lose their love in the beautifull city. Through these characterswe experience the different facets of love; love between siblings, a husband and wife and their child and eventhe meaning of love for the older generation.


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