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Director: Ato Bautista
Scriptwriter: Shugo Praico
Cinematography: Lyle Nemenzo-Sacris
Distribution: Unitel Pictures
Cast: Robin Padilla, Iza Calzado, Ella Guevarra, John Michael Reyes

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Awaken (2005)


Director: Ato Bautista
Philippines | 2006 | 35 mm | 85 Min. | OmeU | European Premiere

Gil Blanco (Robin Padilla), a landlord of an apartment block, suffers frequent blackouts brought about by his excessive drinking. His alcoholism has driven his wife from their home, leaving him to take care of his only child, a son, Nino (John Michael Reyes).

In his despair, Gil promises to quit drinking and commit to reunifying his family. But one night, Gil suffers another blackout. This time, he is left with a mysterious bloody bumper and smashed taillight of his aging and battered auto.

In the calamitous aftermath his life spirals uncontrollably as he struggles to uncover the real story hidden by his fragmented viewpoint, one where the lines between reality and illusion are blurred.

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